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Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Thank you for looking further into our resources for your business, client, or patient.

Thank you for looking further into our resources for your business, client, or patients.

Thank you for looking into our company, Expert Medical Solutions, to help you and your business gain the advantage of our many years in the areas of anesthesiology, pain management, ambulatory surgical center and hospital administration, expert medical testimony and evaluation, expert reports and court presentation including chief legal strategist experience. Your business will gain an immediate advantage from our unique perspective in the fields of insurance company denial of benefits and utilization management determinations, including consultative guidance will be invaluable to your business and translate into many approvals of procedures that were being denied without clarity.

Use our tools and get all of our benefits to fight your denials.

Insurance companies have methods of review that you are unaware of and not privy to. Let our team of former insurance company medical directors help review each and every denial you receive. Free up space in your employment and use our services which have been shown to overturn high dollar pain and spine procedures effectively in 35% of all denied requests for procedures.

Our doctors have years of experience as medical directors for insurance companies. Let us do the heavy lifting.

Who better to fight with and win against big insurance than physicians who worked as medical directors within them? We know all the tricks and cannot only help overturn many denials, but we can also help guide your practice to prevent future denials through our patent pending tools.

Expert Medical Solutions is a professional consulting firm that finds its specialty where the medical, business, and legal spaces intersect. Our mission is to provide a wealth of essential services to the participants of these markets, aiming to optimize their business practices and solve their pressing issues with innovative and custom-tailored solutions. Physicians founded expert Medical Solutions with over a combined 55 years of experience practicing medicine that wanted to transition to a new frontier for helping people and businesses.

About Scott A. Berger, M.D. Dr. Scott A. Berger, M.D. has been one of South Florida's premier pain management specialists for the past 30 years. A board-certified, fellowship-trained anesthesiologist, Dr. Berger is a graduate of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and The Mount Sinai Medical Center of New York City for his residency in anesthesiology and fellowship in pain management.

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